Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Why Does SEO Take So Long

Why Does SEO Take So Long to Take Effect?

As a business owner, you've done your homework on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and decided to hire a company that can help you improve your ranking in Google searches. This company starts the process, but after the first month goes by, your business's website still isn't on the first page. What's going on? As much as we may want it to be, SEO page ranking is not something that can be rushed. It's a process that needs time to marinate and gain some seniority. Developing a strong presence on the Internet isn't quick and easy. Here, Virtual Market Advantage will look into the factors that affect how long it takes SEO to develop, and why it's okay that it takes some patience.

What Variables Should You Account For?

Your website could see great results in as little as four months with SEO or it could take up to a year. Click To TweetYour website could see great results in as little as four months with SEO, or it could take up to a year. That sounds like a long and agonizing wait, but it's worth it in the end. There are several variables that work in and around your website that determine your SEO growth. There are many, and some or all may be included. These factors include:

  • Current website design
  • Age of your domain and website
  • Relevance of keywords and topics
  • Relevance of your content to keywords
  • Amount of time the average user stays on your website
  • Your competition
  • Geographic location
  • Social activity and presence
  • Level of quality in your content
  • How quickly you implement the recommended changes

Any one of these can have an impact on the overall length of time it takes to start seeing results from your SEO campaign. Your timeline for success will include the time for research and discovering what your website needs by digging into the back side of it. After that's complete, you move on to the more technical SEO work. It can take a couple of months before you see the new content becoming a major part of the campaign.

Establishing Quality On Your Website

Creating good quality content will take time, and it will also take time for Google to acknowledge that quality. Once you have the content created, you need to spend the time to properly promote that content.

Google will then judge the online engagement with your content and track it from several angles. From the number of people who see it to how many bounce back out, Google looks at everything. The number of links you have on your content pages will matter, as well as the number of links over time and from various sources. Google even tracks the trustworthiness of your link sources (learn more about this domain trust flow here).

You need to make sure that your content comes together in a way that shows a search engine that you are a top authority on a certain topic. All of this will take time to accomplish.

Make Changes Early and Often

There are sure to be a list of changes that need to be made on your website. This could involve a few small changes to the meta data or a complete overhaul of your site. There are many types of changes that are important, it mostly comes down to how long it takes to start implementing them. Some will be simple and done in a day and may seem unimportant, but you need to make those changes ASAP to help the overall SEO of your website. The impact may seem small, but it's still needed.

As you make changes, both big and small, you need to be aware that the changes you make may take a few days to a couple of weeks to fully register within the search engines at all. This is because these search engines periodically crawl the content and re-index what they find.

Overall, your entire company needs to be on board with the SEO campaign and needs to realize that it's now working with an SEO company and not against it. This means that everyone from your marketing department to the top executives can all facilitate these changes and ensure that they happen at the right pace and at the right time.

Know Your Budget

The budget that you set will have an impact on the speed that your SEO campaign shows results. If you set a higher budget, you will allow for more people to be working on your campaign at the same time. This means that your content and research can be done a bit faster, since there are more people available to get more accomplished.

Remember that no amount of money can guarantee that you immediately climb the ranks of Google to the very top, but it can help the speed of the team performing SEO-related tasks. Tasks being completed faster means that they will start the process of getting organic ranking sooner than if you had fewer people completing those tasks.

As you set your budget, look at more than price. You need to have some goals in mind. For example, if you're looking for increased traffic and conversions, make sure you have that set to take up more of your budget.

When you factor in your budget for SEO, the quality of your content, and what changes you need to make to your existing website, you can usually expect the process of an SEO campaign to show good results around 6 months. It's worth the wait, and just keep in mind that the company you hire to help with your SEO is there to do just that - help you. Work with them to get the most out of your SEO campaign.