What is Link Juice?

Chances are, if you have been doing research on SEO, then you have probably come across the term “link juice” and thought to yourself, “What is Link Juice?”Link Juice, as it is so lovingly referred to online, is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources. It is directly concerned in SEO, since this is the juice that will drive up your rankings and bring visitors to your websites. SEO consultant Greg Boser is credited with coming up with the term link juice, and since then the term has gone “viral” on the Internet and fallen into common usage, especially in the SEO world. Essentially link juice becomes the very thing that you are looking for, in the number of people that provide links to your pages. The more links you have, especially from well-linked places, the greater your visibility and web page rankings become.The three main factors in determining a websites link juice are:1. Trust – Is the linking site a real site that people trust? Has the site been around for a few years? Search engines not only account for past domain age, they also look at how long your current domain and hosting plans are good for. Obviously, a site that has been around, and plans to stay around, is deemed to be more trustworthy then a site that was built last night.2. Relevance – Is the site you are linking from have anything to do with your site? Are you in the same field or even geographical location? Getting a backlink to your Chiropractor website from a web site that sells baseball hats won’t give you as much link juice as getting that same backlink on a blog post about neck and back wellness. Search engines favor your link more when they see it associated with other relevant pages.3. Popularity – Is this a big website that people use every day? Or is it some little website that no one has visited in months? Again, it makes since that search engines would build their algorithms around backlinks from sites that people actually use.By finding popular, trustworthy websites to get quality links from, you will get the most out of your link juice. So go grab a big tall glass – it’s time to drink down some link juice!

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