The Importance of Video Marketing

video marketing

There are many ways you can go about marketing your business online, from scheduled social media posts and ads to behind-the-scenes SEO marketing. But have you ever considered using videos to market your business? Search engines such as Google have placed a high priority on video content when it comes to rankings. With the spread of user-friendly video creation software, there’s really no excuse not to hop on the bandwagon. You can place video snippets on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even in banner ads for your business. Videos are eye-catching and can bring potential customers directly to your website. Below, Virtual Market Advantage will look at some of the reasons why you should start using videos in your business marketing today!

Tracking Your Results

When using traditional text-based content, such as blog posts, it’s difficult to track what your customers and visitors actually looked at or how far into the post they read. You have no direct way to track the impact of the content. If you start to use videos for your marketing, this is something you can track more closely. You can see exactly when a viewer stopped watching the video and then see whether that viewing brought in a website click or even a purchase. For example, you can tell if a person decided to click on your website immediately after viewing a particular call to action or product overview within the video. Tracking the video views and conversion data in Google Analytics can give you useful information into how your marketing is affecting your potential customers and whether or not it’s bringing in any business.

Increased Visibility with Video Marketing

With so many websites and blogs flooding the screen after every keyword search, it might seem impossible that anything will make your business stand out. Videos have so many features available, both visually and audibly, that make it a great marketing tool to engage a new group of potential customers. With these features, a video can become an emotionally charged experience, helping your brand stick out in a person’s mind after viewing. People are drawn to the movement, sound, and energy of video content, and the medium allows for a huge amount of creativity on your part.

Building Trust

Trust is the biggest factor that brings customers in and keeps them coming back. Your video should build trust, so that those viewers share it with their friends. Making your video shareable is a great way to build even more trust and brand awareness. People are more likely to watch a video that someone they already trust has shared. All of this time spent watching your videos will easily translate to more time spent on your website, and ultimately more money spent on your business.

Effortless Engagement

A video is an easy way for customers to see what your business is about in a simplified, engaging way. Click To Tweet

A video is an easy way for customers to see what your business is about in a simplified, engaging way. Instead of shifting through pages and pages of copy, they can quickly engage with a video. Then they can share and comment on it, leaving it in the back of their minds for days until they come back and make a purchase. A video is a quick way to cut out the step of reading about your product and get straight to the point of engaging the customer.

If you really want to engage a customer fully, you need to include a call to action in your video. This reinforces the desire for your product with the viewer and encourages them to click on that link to the website or enter an email address to receive updates. Whatever it is that you want the viewer to do next, you should make into a call to action. If the customer is engaged in the video, they will take that call to action seriously and take the next step.

Technology Demands More Video

With the face of technology always changing, stepping up your marketing game is something that you need to do often. Right now, making videos can push you towards the front of the pack. So many apps and sites allow for video snippets, and that’s a great method to use to engage new customers. Getting them to watch even a 10 second snippet about your company could be just enough to bring them to your website to watch the longer version of that same marketing video or make a purchase.

Facebook implementing an auto-play on videos has helped draw in viewers and make consumers stop their scrolling and pay attention. Setting up these short videos will help you get a personalized voice through to consumers via their tablets, phones, and laptops. Gone are the days of mailbox fliers, taken over by the time of personal video marketing.

Great for Any Occasion

No matter what you’re advertising, there’s rarely ever a time when a video will not work for the occasion. Whether it’s a holiday promotion, a product release, or a new location opening, a video can give the consumer a quick and engaging look into the latest activities from your company. With the options available to personalize videos with music, voice changers, and more, they can take the consumer on a short adventure into the product you’re selling.

A video is a great way to demonstrate a new product. If your company lacks credibility, you can interview an expert in the field, showing that you know the right people and can be trusted with what you’re promoting. Feature a customer’s story to help show new customers what life can be like with your product. Spread information with FAQs, tutorials, employee introductions, glimpses behind the scenes, and more. All of these ideas can help build more trust between you and your customer base and develop your online presence. The possibilities are endless when it comes to video promotion for your business!

While these are just a few ways that video marketing is a smart move for your business, there are many other reasons to go this route. Finding what will work for your business using video marketing is a journey you should travel. Track how your videos engage customers and draw new people in, then use this data to spread them further. Remember to make the videos personal and shareable, then sit back and watch your business grow!