Make an SEO Plan and Budget for 2018

seo plan

With the start of a new year comes the chance to take a fresh look at your business and its marking techniques. Most businesses take this time to look at their goals for the upcoming year and what kind of budget they need to accomplish those goals.

One of the most interesting aspects of search engine optimization is the fact that it’s constantly changing. There have been some changes recently to SEO that may affect your business’s online strategies and requirements. Below, Virtual Market Advantage will take a closer look at how to make the right SEO plan and budget for your 2018 goals!

Review and Set Goals

The first thing you need to do is take a hard look back at the previous year. How did your business perform? With an eye on the budget, you can determine if you were happy with the results of the money spent or if you need to change some tactics to get more out of the current year. If there was any misspent money in your marketing, think about altering your budget so that you focus on only the aspects and work that really counts.

If you want to boost traffic to your site, use some of the plentiful analytics tools available online (such as Google Analytics), look back at the data, and see if this may be an area into which you can pour some of your budget. Set a dollar amount for how much you would need to spend to boost that traffic throughout the year and plan accordingly. If you’re looking to not only boost traffic but also to outrank a competitor, then you would probably need to add even more to your budget and plan that campaign out as well.

Budget for Production

You need to look at a breakdown of your budget for each of the specific areas of your business. This will help you maximize the outcomes and get you closer to those end goals. Content is the big winner for SEO, but you need to make sure your budget gets spent correctly for it. To get the most out of your content, focus on:

Quality and Originality - You need to invest in good resources for making sure your content is original and of good quality if you really want to stand out. Think about spending more on fewer, better quality pieces of content. Help your content stand out among the lesser quality articles that are out there in excess. It’s worth it to pay a bit more for better content rather than send out tons of shabby content that no one wants to read.

Mobile Focus - Make sure your content is optimized for mobile use. This means that everyone, no matter what phone, tablet, or computer monitor they are browsing on, can see your online content. At this point, if your content is not visible from a smartphone, you are guaranteed to lose some customers!

Promotion - So you have great content and it’s mobile-responsive. Now you need to go out there and promote it on social media. Commit some of your budget to promoting your content on all of the biggest social outlets. You may even consider spending some money on ads as well as press releases.

Video – With the spread of social media and web browsing, our attention spans as a society have become shorter. Few people actually stop and read a long article put out on social media. You need to grab their attention fast and hold it just long enough to get you point across. Videos are one of the best formats to use to get your information out fast and in an engaging way. Make sure some of your SEO budget gets put into making and distributing videos online and on social.

SEO Targeting

It’s important that some of your SEO planning goes into considering your target audience. The more you home in on who your content should cater towards, the more results you will see with engagement and sales. However, a proper audience may be more demanding of personalized and specific targeted content. Put some of your SEO budget into market research, so you can create quality content that’s specific to your audience. Need to retarget your audience? Check out VMA’s blog here for strategies!

You also want to put effort into local targeting. Place some of your budget into local reviews and other local-specific strategies. Making sure you’re on the map for searches that have to do with your niche within your local area is crucial to getting more customers and sales. Targeting some SEO to your local area will be a rewarding tactic for your business, as more and more people are making a conscious effort to support small and local businesses. When you make your business locally relevant, you’re giving your SEO efforts a strong foundation to build upon.

Build Your Links

No matter what your SEO plan is, make sure you keep some money in the monthly budget for a few good high-quality links. As you plan your marketing, it may seem like this step doesn’t do much, but on the backside of SEO, link building really does help you establish authority online. It’s a necessary tool for any successful SEO campaign.

Using Your Budget Wisely

Even if you’re a small and growing business, you should be looking at spending a few thousand dollars a month on marketing. This will allow you to stand next to your competitors and get yourself noticed online. As you budget, think about how you are spending it, and who you are giving your money to.

For SEO and marketing, you can either spend the budget with someone in-house or with an SEO agency or contractor that knows what they’re doing. A good agency will give you the best return on your dollar, without taking your attention away from the important tasks your business requires. Spending some money on SEO now will earn that money and more back for your business - if it’s budgeted and spent correctly. An experienced SEO agency such as VMA can help you determine what’s best for your business and lay out the best budget for you and your needs!