How to Retarget Your Audience

retarget your audience

Are you getting a different type of audience to your Instagram or Facebook pages than you actually want? Has your brand has changed a bit, and you need to readjust your target audience? No matter the reason, there’s a way to retarget your audience by using a tool called Facebook Custom Audiences.

This is something that Facebook rolled out early in 2017 to test out Instagram retargeting. It's now being used worldwide. If you haven’t tried this tool yet, Virtual Market Advantage will now go over the basics and show you how to get started.

What are Facebook Custom Audiences?

Facebook Custom Audiences include a few different groups, including people:

  • you already know.
  • who have visited or engaged with your app or website.
  • who have engaged with either your Facebook or Instagram pages and/or ads.
  • who have interacted with your business or store through offline channels.

Once you have created and established these lists of people, you can then start targeting then with your Facebook and Instagram ads. This lets you spend your advertising money more wisely!

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the process of targeting your online ads to reach the people who have already visited your website or engaged with your social media posts. They are already in your database as a potential lead or as a customer, rather than a completely random person.

There are a few simple ways that you can retarget your Instagram audience by creating these Custom Audiences through Facebook:

Retarget the people who watched your Instagram videos. You can create a list of people who have:

  • viewed at least 3 seconds of your Instagram videos.
  • viewed at least 10 seconds of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 25% of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 50% of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 75% to 90% of your Instagram videos.

To create these custom audiences, just login to your Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager account. Look for the audiences tab and click on 'Create New Custom Audience.' You will then want to click on the 'Engagement' option at the bottom.

After this step, the video retargeting option is the first thing you’ll see. Once you select this, you need to pick your preferred watched/viewed time to target the particular Instagram videos whose viewers you will want to retarget towards.

Retarget Instagram users who engaged with your lead generation ads. You can also target and retarget users who have:

  • opened your Instagram lead generation forms.
  • opened and submitted an Instagram lead generation form.
  • opened but did not submit your lead form on Instagram.

This process is similar to how you create the Instagram video retargeting list, just remember that if you want to retarget only Instagram leads, you do need to select the lead forms that you have used in Instagram ads.

Retarget users who engaged with your Instagram profile, posts, or ads. These are all the other types of retargeting lists you can create under your business profile section, including:

  • everyone who has engaged with your Instagram pages, posts and ads.
  • people who visited your Instagram business profile.
  • people who engaged with your posts or ads on Instagram.
  • people who sent you an Instagram message.
  • people who have saved any of your Instagram posts or ads.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you have gone through and created all your Instagram retargeted audiences and lists, you can then access them in your 'Assets' library under the 'Audiences' tab.

If you want to also target people similar to those who engaged with your page, posts, and ads, you can create a 'Lookalike Audience' as well. If you want to use these retargeted audiences in future advertisements, you can find and select them in the 'Audiences' section whenever you create a new set of ads.

Get Insights about People Who Engage with your Instagram

While the limitations of the Instagram audience insights can get frustrating, the use of the Facebook Audience Insights tool can help with that. This tool is often overlooked but can give you a wealth of information, from demographic to behavioral data of your custom audience. If you want more information on Facebook Insights, check out VMA’s blog here!

Once you’ve created this target audience, you can use it to gain information on who exactly the people are who are engaging with your Instagram and Facebook profiles. You can see where they are located, their online behavior, and even their interests.

There’s so much potential in the Facebook Custom Audience tool for both retargeting traffic and analytics. If you haven’t yet jumped in to see what it’s all about, you should take the time to do so! This tool can help your business grow by helping you better understand your audience and what exactly they are looking for from your product.