Optimal Photo Sizes for Social Media


Incorporating photographs or other types of pictures into your social media campaign is a great way to bring in new viewers and keep current viewers engaged. Knowing the optimal pictures size for each social media platform can help you get the most out of each site. If a picture is too large or too small, it won’t fit the page as well and might look bad or even load slower, driving away potential viewers.

Here I’ll provide the optimal picture sizes for some of the most popular social media sites. For any social media site, there are many different types of pictures to think about when posting, each with it’s own optimal size. Depending on how you want to show the picture, you should consider resizing it accordingly.

Optimal Picture Sizes for Facebook

Cover Photo: 851 x 315

Profile Pic: 360 x 360

App/Tab Image: 111 x 74

Link Image: 1200 x 628

Post: 504 x 504 (for wall) or 940 x 788 (for news feed)

Optimal Picture Sizes for Twitter

Header: 1500 x 500

Profile Pic: 500 x 500

Post: 880 x 440

Optimal Picture Sizes for Google+

Cover Photo: 1080 x 608

Profile Pic: 250 x 250

Post: 800 x 600

Optimal Picture Sizes for LinkedIn

Profile Banner: Between 1000 x 425 and 4000 x 4000

Profile Avatar: 500 x 500

Post: 698 x 400

Company Cover: 646 x 220

Company Logo: 400 x 400

Optimal Picture Sizes for Pinterest

Profile Pic: 600 x 600

Pins: 735 x 1100

Board Cover: 735 x 498

Optimal Picture Sizes for Instagram

Profile Pic: 180 x 180

Post: 1080 x 1080

Optimal Picture Sizes for YouTube

Channel Art: 2560 x 1440

Video Thumbnail: 1280 x 720

Channel Icon: 800 x 800

Hopefully this post has given you a helpful guideline to follow for posting images for your social media campaign!