Long Tail Keywords

Improve Search Results with Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords - you have probably heard this term before. still, chances are you are probably asking yourself, “What are long tail keywords?” They are keywords or key phrases that are more specific (and sometimes longer) than the more commonly searched-for keywords. For example, "SEO" is a very general search that will net you all sorts of results, but "SEO company Kansas City" is very specific, and will direct you towards VMA (and our competitors)! Long tail keywords usually get less traffic, but will have a higher conversion value, since they are more specific to a particular topic.

long tail keywords

If you really want your business to profit off of long tail keywords, you first need to have a very clear vision for your company, your product, and your website. If you can do this, then you can go ahead and start using a keyword strategy by focusing on long tail keywords. Here’s how to begin:

Know Your Product and Your Business

While you are working to set up great marketing online for your business, you really need to focus on and understand just what you are selling and to whom you are selling it. Having a clear focus for your business will make marketing it easier and get you the customer traffic you want.

If you want to target the customer that knows exactly what they are looking for (and you can offer it), using long tail keywords is a great idea. But first, you need to know exactly how to use them and make the most out of it.

Customer Buying Patterns

A seasoned online businessperson knows the value in long tail keywords and uses them to his or her advantage. You need to get to those buyers who are being specific in what they want. There is typically a six-step pattern that someone uses when they go to buy something, and it looks a little like this:

  1. The customer becomes aware of the product.
  2. They seek information about the product as they prepare to possibly purchase it.
  3. They will evaluate the alternatives to the product.
  4. They will make the purchase decision.
  5. They will pull out their payment method and complete the transaction.
  6. The customer will evaluate the product after buying and decide whether to keep or return it.

Looking at this buying pattern, it is safe to say that as a business, you will want to really gain this customer’s attention around step 4. Sure, it's great to gain their attention earlier by using short, broad keywords, but you can also focus on long tail keywords to really get their attention when they’re making the actual purchase decision. As they are ready to buy a product, the customer will start using very specific search phrases as they seek out their target purchase.

The Benefit of Using Multi-Phrases

Using a very specific multi-phrase is usually easier to rank and rank well with than using keywords that simply use a generic single- or double-word phrase. Making sure you get a good specific long tail keyword can be tricky, because you will always most likely be going up against big-name companies no matter what you are selling. Alternately, you could go too specific and end up using a keyword that is simply too unique and unused. Just remember these two things as you are sitting and thinking about your business and how you want to get it out there:

  1. Long tail keywords are much easier to rank for, since they are specific.
  2. People who search by using these long tail keywords are more likely to become a buyer.

By using long tail keywords, it is likely that you will need to create more pages within your website, as you are trying to gain a very specific audience and buyer. That is okay, because it turns out that Google likes a website that has many pages! This takes a special balance, as you build your website and those pages without adding too much junk.

Be careful to not completely neglect more common keywords, or you may not gain enough traffic. It is a balance for your business that needs to be researched and see which long tail keywords have the highest traffic and go from there. It is best to have a few pages that send you large amounts of general traffic and then also have a large number of pages with each one sending you a small amount of highly targeted traffic.

Research is Key

With SEO, it is always best to get in some good old-fashioned research as you look into using long tail keywords. This will help you determine which keywords will bring you enough traffic to sustain your business as well as help you rank higher based on the sites you are competing against.

Once you have these keywords researched and ready to use, make sure that the long tail keywords are well used within all the content on your website and the pages. Content is a crucial part of making the long tail keywords work well for you.

Using long tail keywords that work for your business should do three things for you over time:

  1. You should have better rankings.
  2. You should see higher sales conversions.
  3. More of your pages will be indexed in Google.

Long tail keywords may not always work, and that is okay. It is not something you want to overuse anyway. You want these longer keywords or phrases to help push your business up, not bring it down. Sprinkle them in where you need them and figure out where to use them using trial and error.

Resources for Long Tail Keywords

Here are a few websites that are useful for finding long tail keywords for specific topics:

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