Jetpack for WordPress

When you download WordPress, it comes with with three installed plugins ready to be activated. The first is Hello Dolly, the pointless plugin with Louie Armstrong lyrics on every admin page. I usually delete this because, even though I love Louie, I am a joyless sod. The next is Akismet – this plugin is amazing. Don’t believe me – don’t install it and see how many millions of comments you get for knock off Gucci bags and penis enlargement pills. The third and final installed plugin is Jetpack. There should be a large notification at the top of your admin screen that say Jetpack is installed and ready to bring the Awesome. When it comes to WordPress, a truer statement has never been spoken!Jetpack for WordPress has all types of great features that make your site amazing. For starters, it has a great stats interface that gives you all types of analytics. With Jetpack for WordPress, you are able to see how many visitors you have had per day, what pages they looked at, where they came from, the search terms used to find your site and what links they clicked. And that is is just the beginning. Jetpack for WordPress offers some awesome sharing capabilities, you can add social media icons to every post, page, link, image etc.All this is great right? But can’t I just get a bunch of plugins to do all this? Yes you can, but wait, there’s so much more. In fact, there is so much more that I am not going to sit and tell you about all of it! However, I will tell you the best part. Jetpack for WordPress has what you need to make your site readable on mobile and tablet devices. It is one click and you are ready to go on all handheld devices. There are several services that you can pay for to make your site have this feature… or you could just use Jetpack for free! All you need is a account, which is also free. As Louie Armstrong would say – what a wonderful world!

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