HTML Code to Post a Picture

Probably the second most important function of HTML is the HTML code to post a picture.  Every where on the web, people are hosting images. How are they doing it? With a little bit of HTML – so here you go:

<img  src= “yourimagelink” />

Pretty easy right? But what if you don’t know the “yourimagelink”? Suppose you see a picture you want to use, how do you get the link to use the image on your page? First, make sure you have the rights to use the image. Second, right click on the image and

1) On Firefox select “copy image/link location”

2) On Google Chrome  select “copy url”

That’s it! You can now use HTML Code to post a picture! It’s one of the most basic uses of HTML and one of the most powerful. You might remember using this on Myspace…. but you of course would never admit to using Myspace would you? I miss Myspace – I miss .GIFs. You can’t share .GIFS on Facebook and that just makes me sad.  But guess what – you can share .GIFS the same way! Why Facebook decided that we shouldn’t have this kind of thing all up and down our walls is beyond me. But I digress. The point is you can use the same code, and use the same method, to post .GIFs in places they allow you to do so.  So get out there and post some images all over the place!

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