How to Get Over Writer’s Block!

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Writer’s block is an affliction that affects every kind of writer, including bloggers. The symptoms can include feeling uncreative, fearing rejection, or needing everything to be just right. If you’ve suffered from writer’s block, you understand the unique frustration it causes, and if you rely on writing for your business it can cost you money.

Here are some tips to help you get past that blockage and get you posting again:

  1. Keep up with social media. Check trending news, subscribe for Google Alerts on particular keywords, and find pertinent articles from niche groups on LinkedIn or Facebook. These sites exist to spread information as much as possible, so use them.
  2. Listen to your readers. Create a poll, add a suggest-a-topic option to your site, or simply pay attention to the comments section. Who knows more about what your audience wants than the audience itself?
  3. Answer questions. Tons of my own blog ideas come from customers asking questions. If you don’t have inquisitive clients, go to resources such as Yahoo Answers and to see what people are asking about your field. If one person asks a question, there’s no doubt that other people have wondered about it as well.
  4. Check other industries. Business is business, no matter what field you are in. You can get great ideas from different types of companies and adapt it to fit your needs. You can use this method to see what works and what doesn’t
  5. Blogsdrop (eavesdrop). It may feel weird to look to other bloggers for inspiration, but there is no better source for quickly getting information and new ideas.
  6. Look to books. Good old-fashioned printed books are still a great resource for information, even in this internet age. Check out what kinds of books are in your field online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The table of contents can be a useful tool for finding blog topics and titles.
  7. Find an expert in your field or another enthusiast on your topic and talk to them. If they are a blogger as well, they can also get some ideas out of the deal!
  8. Expand your media. Center your blogs around photos or pictures and use them to provide content. You can also make videos easily using sites such as Change it up visually and get away from paragraphs.
  9. Write a sequel. Can’t think of any brand new topics? Revisit one you wrote about in the past. Unless your blog is about the intricacies of Civil War era blacksmithing, there are bound to be advances in your field all the time. What’s been going on since you last checked?
  10. Take a break! One of the most important methods to overcoming writer’s block is to stop looking at the blank page and get something else done. Go outside, exercise, wash those dishes that are piling up, or finish a completely unrelated project for work. You never know when a new idea will cross your path, and sometimes getting your mind off of things can help.

What NOT to Do

It’s equally important to not fall into some bad habits that make writer’s block worse:

  1. Wait to feel inspired. If you use this method, you might end up never writing a blog again. Although it can be good to take a break from writing, you have to sit back down soon and try again.
  2. Wallow in self-pity. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it feels so good to just lie down and repeat all our faults to ourselves. But this gets you nowhere, and you gotta do your best to snap out of it.
  3. Procrastinate and make excuses. Procrastinating can feel so good, and the internet makes it so easy to get distracted. You have to avoid this trap and get to work. Set goals and timelines for yourself and make sure you follow through.
  4. Watch TV. The worst thing you could do when trying to get work done is start in on that series you always meant to finish. Once you start watching a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, it can be nearly impossible to resist that “next episode” button. So just don’t start. Wait until the weekend.

One of the best solutions to beat writer’s block is to…just start writing! Put down a few sentences, no matter how silly they sound. Just get the words flowing and the blogs will eventually appear. Here's hoping we gave some more insight on how to get over writer's block! Do you have a favorite tip? Share in the comments...