How to Contact Google Business

how to contact Google

If you have worked with any Google Local Maps product in the past ten years, chances are you have come across a situation that warranted a phone call to Google. You may want to know how to contact google business, which is actually formally titled, Google My Business, to sort out a myriad of issues. Perhaps you never got your verification postcard, or maybe someone else has claimed your listing. This product has changed so many times over the years, there is no wonder there are so many different issues. When you search Google for "Contact Google Business by Phone" not too many phone numbers pop-up. There are numbers to call for some products such as Adwords, but as a general rule you will need to contact Google first, and then they call you.

Call Google My Business

First, in order to speak or chat with a human, you must call during normal Google business hours, which of course are 1 AM - 5 PM PDT, Monday - Friday. These are the only times you will be able to speak with a flesh and blood human. So if Google is open and you are ready to proceed, start by clicking on this link:


Google calls and you get excited! You are about to speak to someone about your problems and get to the bottom of your issues! The line connects and you hear the old familiar voice of the stale audio recording. Well don't fret, we promise you are getting close. Work your way through the automated support and eventually, you will speak to a person!

Pro Tip - Be Nice!

Most likely, your call will be handled by someone in a foreign country. Now you may have opinions about outsourcing technical support. But guess what buttercup? Nobody cares! This is how it is so get used to it and embrace it. Be ready to take notes and listen carefully. If you have a major Google problem, there are probably going to be several steps that need to be taken to get everything where it needs to be.

Your rep will tell you his or her name in the beginning, write it down and make sure to address them by name. Remember your rep is a person, most likely a very educated person, who deals with idiot jerks all day. You will be amazed at how far Google's technical support team will go to make things happen if you just treat them like decent humans!

Still Having Problems?

If you are still having trouble verifying your Google My Business Page, give Virtual Market Advantage a call at 816-389-1581. We can help you get your Google products in order so you can harness the power of local SEO.

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