Google My Business for Your Business

google my business

The world of search engines is always changing. Google is constantly updating, changing its search algorithms, and adding more features, while thousands more webpages are being added to the Internet every day. There are so many different listing sites and social media platforms out there that quickly rise and fall in importance. It can feel like an overwhelming task to determine the best ones to use to promote your business. One that is definitely worth the effort to use is Google My Business. Below, Virtual Market Advantage will go over the basics of Google My Business and how to use it for the benefit of your business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an update that claims to help take your business's Internet presence to a whole new level. This setup arose in 2014 and replaced simple Google Maps listings. Now it’s used as a central hub for many business-related tasks on several different websites, including YouTube and Google Analytics. By utilizing Google My Business, you have much greater control over how your company appears to others through Google searches and map results.

This is especially impactful for business done locally. If the majority of your business requires someone to find you on the map, you absolutely must have the best search results possible on Google and connect your physical location to your online one.

Why Google for Your Business?

If you’re unsure of the importance of using Google My Business for your company, here are some statistics that might convince you to take advantage of what it has to offer:

  • 66% of all desktop searches occur on Google.
  • Almost 93% of all mobile searches worldwide are conducted through Google.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use a search engine to find local information.
  • 50% of local mobile searches resulted in a store visit from the consumer that day.

These are some pretty compelling numbers for getting your business ranking in Google. But what makes the newest map features worth the work? Listing your business in Google My Business is different than doing an SEO campaign for your website. SEO will start ranking your URL higher and making your business more easily found in a search, and you should most certainly keep working on that aspect of your business. However, regular SEO doesn’t allow for your business to get better placement in commonly used tools like Google Maps. If someone searches for similar businesses in your area, and you're not listed with Google Maps, your potential customers will go to your competition instead. Hands down, there is nothing more important for local SEO than claiming your local Google My Business listing!

Hands down, there is nothing more important for local SEO than claiming your local Google My Business listing! Click To Tweet

Google My Business for Your Benefit

There are several ways in which Google My Business can be a valuable tool for your growing local business:

Consistency – When you individually list your information across multiple platforms, it can lead to small changes in the information popping up, especially if changes are made. Once you claim your listing within Google My Business, you ensure that every time your business’s information pops up in a Google search result, it will be accurate.

Spread Information - There are a large range of tools that are offered through Google My Business that can help you spread information and interact with your audience. You can provide various menus showing hours of operation, current information on how busy the store is, interactive photos and reviews, accepted payment types, and more. You can also upload coupons and other offers to your listing. Having these features makes it easier for your customer to find and use your business.

Learn More About Customers - This tool includes extra analytics for several platforms that allow you to learn more about your customers. On Google Maps, you will even be able to see where people were when they requested driving instructions to your location. This can help you pick the right neighborhoods to expand your business into when the time comes or what area you may want to focus on with promotional events.

Maximize Your Resources - Listing you business with Google is a great way to make sure that your information reaches the highest level of visibility to customers. Google My Business ensures that potential local customers in your area will see your business and know how to find you. It’s a great tool to gain a larger audience of potential customers in your area.

Mobile-Friendly – If you have a local business that relies on people walking in, you must have your information easily available on mobile devices. These days, people are searching more on-the-go, so having mobile-responsive resources is key.

Google My Business Overall

The importance of local searches cannot be over-emphasized. If potential customers can’t find your business, its information, and its location easily through a Google search, you will lose a lot of business over time. Google My Business will help you make yourself known in your local area, and is easy to navigate on mobile devices. With Google My Business integrating with Google Maps and other resources, this is a great way to reach your target audience and draw them in.