Sucky Site Audit Results? Here’s How to fix it Quickly

Don't Get Frustrated: Even if you got an F minus, all is not lost. SEO is not hard - all you need is a road map and determination. And while there are many things to do to make it 100 - we can give you a couple quick tips that will greatly improve that score! See - don't worry - You can do this! The fact that you are here shows that you are serious about learning how to make your website make more money! So enough Jibba-Jabba - Let's get this thing fixed!

Before you get started - we have to ask you two simple questions. Question the first: Are you using WordPress? If the answer is yes - move on to the next question my friends - you are awesome. If not - you need to ask yourself why not? If the answer is because I am used to "Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, etc." then fine. Those are all incredible platforms with awesome page building capabilities. But if you want to dominate in SEO - you


Simply put, WordPress is the best for Search Engine Optimization. You cannot beat it. If you don't switch to WordPress, someone with a WordPress website will always be in front of you when it comes to keyword rank. Always!

Question number 2: Do you have Yoast SEO Installed? If not, get it installed. It is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and the reason we have an agency. Using this simple plugin, we started an entire company. But that is a story for another blog. For now - let's get your website fixed! Below are several topics covering aspects of the site audit. Start with the SEO - get going on that YESTERDAY! Then move through whatever topic strikes your fancy. Good luck and don't forget to reach out if you need any help!