Dofollow Blogs List January 2014

Hello everybody – and Happy New year! Last year we had tremendous success with Dofollow Blogs List, so we are going to make an effort to bring you more this year. Some of these are repeats from last year, but that only means they have a higher page rank now. As always, make sure to read the article and give a thoughtful comment. If you post something that looks just like SPAM, nobody is going to accept it. Make sure you contribute to the conversation. Besides, the general theory is that the real “link-juice” is in leaving your website in the URL section of the comment form. Another theory, although many people do not agree with it, is the use of Anchor Text. Basically, instead of putting your actual name in the “name” field, you put your keywords. So, if your keywords are “Detroit Dentist” – use that as your name. The idea is that Google associates your website with your keywords. I believe in this theory and try to practice it as often as I can using a variety of keywords. OK, enough jibber-jabba, here is the list:1. 4. http://www.kchorrorclub.com6. 8. always feel free to comment on this page, or any other page on this blog. Write a comment that shows you are actually interested in the article (even if you’re not!) so you don’t look like SPAM. One last word of caution, if you’re website is promoting something risque’ or illegal, such as smoking accessories or Mumbai’ escort services, maybe Anchor text isn’t the best option on a professional page. I don’t care how great or relevant your comment is, chances are if your anchor text is “3 foot glass bongs” – your comment probably won’t get approved.

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