Salient means projecting beyond, which is a fantastic description of Salient Pictures, a group dedicated to producing films that go beyond the norm through works of independent film, television, and documentary. Salient Pictures brings together the artistic talent of Robert Gilman (a producer, writer, and actor) and the practical necessity of Bianca Goodloe’s exceptional legal counsel in motion picture and television development, financing, production, and distribution. The new website for Salient Pictures is easily updatable as new ideas take shape, and it facilitates the advertisement and distribution of finished products. Examples of projects currently in the works are a film about the struggles of a female train conductor during a difficult period of her life, a drama about family sacrifices as a result of being in debt to a mobster, and the personal story behind a talk radio host. Keep an eye on Salient Pictures; you don’t want to miss out on Gilman’s gripping works!