How to Perform a Website Redesign Without Ruining Your SEO

website redesign

Every website can do with a facelift once and a while. If given enough time, the current styles and tastes change, content becomes stale, ownership changes hands, or other factors come into play that require a website redesign. It’s a good idea to always try to keep up with the changing landscape of online business…

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How to Create a Killer Landing Page for your Website

landing page

When building a website for your business, you need to entice your visitors to stick around after initially clicking on your front page. A first impression is so important, so you need to make sure that it’s going to stick with new visitors in a positive way. The best way to make this happen is…

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How to Build a Website without Coding

build a website

So you want to build a cool new website, but you don’t have any programming experience? That’s ok! There are actually a lot of resources out there these days that can help you. Websites like WordPress use a modular system that allows you to design your site by moving around pre-made components, such as text…

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Image Optimization Basics

image optimization

If you control any type of website, you’ll need quality images. Knowing how to optimize your images is a basic SEO skill that you need to master for your online business. Image optimization benefits your site in several varied ways, from attracting more viewers and customers to reducing your site’s load time. Here, Virtual Market…

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How to Create User Centered Design for Smooth User Flow

user centered design

When you build your website, there’s more to think about than just writing your content and putting your product out there for your customers to purchase. Once a visitor has reached your website, you want them to enjoy their experience on your site so that they feel encouraged to come back and recommend it to…

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The Psychology of Web Design

psychology of web design

Your website design is impacted by so much more than just the content you share. If you’ve spent the time and money on marketing and SEO for your website, you also want it to have the right look to appeal to your visitors. Once a person has landed on your website, what they see will…

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Tips for Working With Web Designers

Working With Web Designers

When you start really looking at websites, you will see some that are less than ideal. Often, websites were created by someone’s distant cousin who had a bit of coding knowledge or were made over 10 years ago when website designers had much lower standards and fewer tools to work with. It might be convenient…

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Learn Responsive Website Design

responsive website design

With more and more of the population using hand-held devices as a computer, it’s crucial to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. To make sure you stay at the top of the SEO game, you must make sure you understand your users’ intents and how your customers use their mobile devices. You have…

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How To Design A Website for Beginners

how to design a website

With information at everyone’s fingertips these days, any successful business really needs a good website. You might be worried that setting up a website will cost a lot of money, but that is no longer the case. There are useful, easy-to-use, cheap tools and great tips out there available for everyone. With this information, even…

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10 Ways to Use Your New Website to Boost Online Sales


So you have a fancy new website for your business, but you don’t know what to do next to use the site to boost your product sales. Incorporating a website into your business plan is a great step in modern times, but it can be an overwhelming one too. Here we’ll go over 10 tips…

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Speedy Website Performance

Page Speed

Is Your Website Fast Enough?  Designing your own website these days is a blast. There are so many fun, useful, and even revolutionary tools coming out all the time that can help make your website look great and offer everything you can imagine for your viewers. However, you need to keep website performance in mind…

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How to use Meta Tags

how to use meta tags

Knowing how to use Meta tags, descriptions and titles are probably the most important things for SEO within the HTML of your site. These two tags allow you to have some control over how search engines like Google display your website. What Are Meta Tags? “Meta tags” refer to specific HTML tags that appear in…

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