SEO vs SEM: What is the Difference?

seo vs sem

You want to get some more online traffic for your business’s website. There are so many factors that affect how many viewers you draw in and how many of those views get converted into sales. It’s important to boost your presence on the search engines, so that your website is easy to locate. Once you…

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How to Display Your Business with Siri and Apple Maps


The amount of people who own smartphones grows every year. As more people gain access to smart phones and voice recognition improves, people are more frequently searching for information through Siri, Apple Maps, and other types of mobile software rather than web search engines like Google. It’s important that you know how to make your…

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How to Contact Google Business

how to contact Google

If you have worked with any Google Local Maps product in the past ten years, chances are you have come across a situation that warranted a phone call to Google. You may want to know how to contact google business, which is actually formally titled, Google My Business, to sort out a myriad of issues. Perhaps…

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Best Free SEO Tools 2015

Free SEO Tools 2015

It’s coming up on the end of the year which means it is a time of reflection. Today we wanted to share our Best Free SEO Tools 2015 list. Most of these sites are free because they are still in beta testing. We would recommend you register now, because you never know how long these…

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Keyword Research

keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in succeeding with SEO. There are many tools you can purchase for this, or you can simply go to Google AdWords and use their keyword tool. Input words and see how they rank in global and local search markets. You can also look at other existing web sites and…

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