SEO for E-Commerce Websites

e-commerce websites

There are many types of websites, from hobby blogs to serious business pages. And there are many ways to spread the news about a website, from paid advertising to word-of-mouth. SEO stands out as one of the best ways to get more eyes on your website with a great return on investment. In order to…

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5 Common SEO Myths

seo myths

When it comes to running a good SEO campaign for your business, there’s a lot of advice floating around. While some ideas will work better than others, there are a few myths out there about what SEO can and can’t do that are just plain wrong. No matter how many times these SEO myths are…

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SEO vs SEM: What is the Difference?

seo vs sem

You want to get some more online traffic for your business’s website. There are so many factors that affect how many viewers you draw in and how many of those views get converted into sales. It’s important to boost your presence on the search engines, so that your website is easy to locate. Once you…

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SEO Checklist for WordPress Blogs

seo checklist

Blogging is one of the most important types of content you can create to improve your business’s organic reach online. Writing your blog is just the first step in the process, however, if you want to reap all the benefits of quality content. You also need to put some effort into search engine optimization, or…

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Improve Your Image SEO with New Google Guidelines

image seo

When you think about SEO for your business, the first things that come to mind are probably your written copy, meta descriptions, and keywords. While this type of content is crucial for your SEO campaign, there are other aspects that are just as important. The images you use might not immediately come to mind when…

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Beware of the Google Phone Scam

google phone scam

As your business starts to grow online and you get higher up in the search engine rankings, your phone will start ringing more often and your sales should start to go up. All of this is great and is a true testament to your hard work and dedication to your business! However, while the phone…

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A Guide to Backlinks


In every online marketing campaign, ‘backlinks’ are sure to come up at some point. It’s one of the most common words used when describing search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. But what is a backlink, and why are they so important for your website and marketing campaign? Here, Virtual Market Advantage will go over the definition…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started with SEO

get started with seo

On the Internet, the ultimate goal for any business is to be seen as soon as soon as someone types in its product or name in the search bar. With so many websites and competing businesses out there, this may seem like an impossible task, especially for small businesses. It can seem daunting, and many…

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What is Domain Trust Flow?

domain trust flow

When someone goes searching on the Internet for a product or service your business offers, what do you hope they find? You probably want them to not only be directed towards your website, but you also want them to trust what they’re seeing enough to follow through on the purchase, right? So how do you…

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What is Domain Authority?

domain authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that was developed by analytics company Moz. This score predicts how well a website will rank on a search engine results page, such as Google. These domain authority scores can range anywhere from 1 to 100, with the higher scores being the ones with the best ability to…

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5 Image Link Building Hacks

Image Link Building

A Guide to Image Link Building When you search for something on the Internet, often some images will pop up that relate to your search query. So what’s the point of having these images linked to your website? How can they help? Besides just the regular click through traffic, these links are great for SEO!…

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Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Why Does SEO Take So Long

Why Does SEO Take So Long to Take Effect? As a business owner, you’ve done your homework on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and decided to hire a company that can help you improve your ranking in Google searches. This company starts the process, but after the first month goes by, your business’s website still isn’t…

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What’s the Perfect Meta Description Length?

What Is The Perfect Meta Description Length?

First of all, you may be wondering, “What exactly is a ‘meta description’?” It’s defined as a snippet of information that’s shown when your results show up in a search engine. This description should be long enough that it’s sufficiently descriptive, somewhere between 50 to 300 words long. So now that you know what a…

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Make an SEO Plan and Budget for 2018

seo plan

With the start of a new year comes the chance to take a fresh look at your business and its marking techniques. Most businesses take this time to look at their goals for the upcoming year and what kind of budget they need to accomplish those goals. One of the most interesting aspects of search…

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Top 7 Most Important SEO Metrics to Track

most important seo metrics

When you’re marketing in the digital world, there are many ways that you can improve your results. One of the most important methods is to pay attention to SEO metrics. The good news is that there are many tools out there that help you do this with easy-to-read reports, so you will be able to…

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Why You Need a Business Address for SEO

business address

For many small businesses, the business address is also the home address of the business owner. There are several reasons why this happens. First, it’s simple to just keep your business at home when it’s so small and just starting out. Second, having the business in your home does not cost any extra money. In…

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SEO Copywriting

seo copywriting

When you hear the phrase “SEO copywriting,” what comes to mind? You probably think of website content and blogs. These are part of the whole, but more broadly, SEO copywriting is the ability to write copy that ranks well in search engines. It can be easy to do and often is a great way to…

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6 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

seo tips for small businesses

Starting your business is hard enough, but then you realize how important it is to have a big web presence these days. Not only are you competing with other businesses on the storefront, but you will also have to compete with the businesses on the Internet. You’ve created a beautiful website and put yourself out…

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Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords

Improve Search Results with Long Tail Keywords Long Tail Keywords – you have probably heard this term before. still, chances are you are probably asking yourself, “What are long tail keywords?” They are keywords or key phrases that are more specific (and sometimes longer) than the more commonly searched-for keywords. For example, “SEO” is a…

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Avoid Shady SEO Tactics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a business that’s growing in demand every year. SEO companies offer services that can greatly improve the performance of your business’s website and ecommerce. However, since SEO is relatively new and in such high demand, some companies are taking advantage of the fact that their customers aren’t familiar with what…

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What is Web 2.0?

Kansas City SEO

If you have gone down the SEO rabbit hole, then chances are you have come across the term Web 2.0. But what is it? Simply put, Web 2.0 is the term used to describe free blogging platforms. Most of these properties allow for a wide range of freedom, such as URL modification and the ability…

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Learn the Lingo: Essential SEO Terms

Kansas City SEO

SEO Terms Every profession and hobby has its own jargon that only the initiated will understand and use in conversation. SEO terms are no different, and knowing some of the basic vocabulary can help you navigate through your own web design and content marketing. We don’t want to give you a list of hundreds of…

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How Many Words Should a Blog Post be for SEO

How Many Words Should a Blog Post be for SEO

How Many Words Should a Blog Post be for SEO? You’ve probably heard it before – “You need to be blogging!” But what does it mean? More importantly, how does one start blogging? How is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) built into blog posts? And finally, How Many Words Should a Blog Post be for SEO?These are…

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Best Free SEO Tools 2015

Free SEO Tools 2015

It’s coming up on the end of the year which means it is a time of reflection. Today we wanted to share our Best Free SEO Tools 2015 list. Most of these sites are free because they are still in beta testing. We would recommend you register now, because you never know how long these…

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Keyword Research

keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in succeeding with SEO. There are many tools you can purchase for this, or you can simply go to Google AdWords and use their keyword tool. Input words and see how they rank in global and local search markets. You can also look at other existing web sites and…

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What is Link Juice?

Chances are, if you have been doing research on SEO, then you have probably come across the term “link juice” and thought to yourself, “What is Link Juice?”Link Juice, as it is so lovingly referred to online, is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a…

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Dofollow Blogs List January 2014

Hello everybody – and Happy New year! Last year we had tremendous success with Dofollow Blogs List, so we are going to make an effort to bring you more this year. Some of these are repeats from last year, but that only means they have a higher page rank now. As always, make sure to…

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Kansas City SEO Company

It doesn’t matter how great your website is if nobody ever sees it! Virtual Market Advantage is a Kansas City Seo Company dedicated to making you more money. We will do a full analysis of your current online situation and create a proposal with a personalized campaign to maximize your online presence. Do you need…

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How to setup Google Authorship

Have you noticed lately when you are searching for information about something through Google Search, the first couple of posts will have a picture of the Author to the left-hand side? This is part of the Google Authorship program – and it has tremendous benefits for Search Engine Optimization. There are plenty of resources out…

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Dofollow Blog List 2013

Check out Dofollow Blog List 2014 for new blogs!Hi friends! The dofollow blog list 2013 is here! Looking for some great blogs to get some quick dofollow link juice? Well check out my list! All of these sites, including this page, are dofollow blogs.  Most of these sites I have had a hand in building…

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