Anchor Text Overview

anchor text

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. When clicked, it transports you to the linked document or webpage. Most of the time it is visible as a blue, underlined word or phrase, such as the upcoming hyperlink that leads to the VMA home page. The underlying code for anchor text is as follows,…

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HTML Code to Post a Picture

Probably the second most important function of HTML is the HTML code to post a picture.  Every where on the web, people are hosting images. How are they doing it? With a little bit of HTML – so here you go: <img  src= “yourimagelink” /> Pretty easy right? But what if you don’t know the…

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How to Make a Link

how to make a link

If you have ever wanted to learn computer programming, this is the place to start. Actually, you should really go to the website – but since you are here, let’s give you what you came for! The most basic function of HTML and the heart of the internet is the link. Creating a link…

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