How Does Web Hosting Work?

web hosting

If you’re creating a website for your business or hobby, you’ll need to set up web hosting. But what exactly does that mean, and how do you get started? In layman’s terms, web hosting is a service that provides storage space on a server for a website or application. The Internet seems very abstract these…

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ServerPilot – Why We Use It!


Get $10 in account credits At ServerPilot If you are using DigitalOcean for your server, then you will also want to check out ServerPilot. ServerPilot is a free third-party service that helps you remotely set up and manage your DigitalOcean servers. It will also keep all of your servers secure by regularly applying updates as well…

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DigitalOcean – Why We Use It!


What is DigitalOcean and why does Virtual Market Advantage use it? Well, DigitalOcean is a fairly new hosting company that is set up to help you learn your way around a hosting provider as easily as possible. There is a large community of people who use DigitalOcean, and many are available to help you no…

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Speedy Website Performance

Page Speed

Is Your Website Fast Enough?  Designing your own website these days is a blast. There are so many fun, useful, and even revolutionary tools coming out all the time that can help make your website look great and offer everything you can imagine for your viewers. However, you need to keep website performance in mind…

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Hacked By Team System Dz

Hacked By Team System Dz 2

Have you been Hacked By Team System Dz? I was sitting down to coffee and starting my morning work when I saw this little beauty on the front of all sites hosted through one Godaddy account. Thanks a lot, Isis! Bunch of jerks. Don’t worry. All is not lost. First of all, let’s get high…

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Choosing the Right Domain Name

choosing the right domain name

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right domain name. This is a critical step that has to be completed before anything can happen! Once you have determined your niche, choosing your domain name will be the most important and urgent decision you have to make.

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