10 Ways to Use Your New Website to Boost Online Sales


So you have a fancy new website for your business, but you don’t know what to do next to use the site to boost your product sales. Incorporating a website into your business plan is a great step in modern times, but it can be an overwhelming one too. Here we’ll go over 10 tips to help you use your new website to boost online sales:

Design Your Store to Look the Part

Just having a website isn’t enough in competitive markets. First impressions are crucial, so you need a great-looking site that fits your business’s style visually through its web design. Customers should be able to see what your brand is about quickly and easily, without too much navigation. Your uses of color, images, videos, layout, and other web design factors combine to give your site emotion as well as information. Make the most of your web design!

Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Your website needs to look great on all devices, from the smallest smart phone screen to the largest monitor. Navigating through your catalog needs to be easy, enjoyable, and great looking on every device. People are using mobile devices more and more often for online sales, so make sure your product is available to everyone all the time!

Get Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website appear higher on the results lists for search engines in order to maximize how many visitors are directed to your site. There are many SEO methods, and the rules are changing all the time as companies like Google tweak their search engines. If you need help getting started, check out some of Virtual Market Advantage’s other blogs or feel free to ask us questions directly!

Start Blogging

Starting your own blog is a cheap and effective SEO technique for bringing in new customers and spreading interest in your product. By providing new and valuable content, you can spread information while increasing trust in your brand. It also gives you content to spread through other means, such as social media and advertising. You can answer common questions about your product, offer tips or tutorials related to your business, and describe the lifestyle around your product.

Get on Google Places

Google Places is Google’s version of old-fashioned yellow pages. No matter what your business’s size, you need to make sure it is listed, so people can find you and your website more easily when they search for relevant topics.

Highlight Good Product Reviews

Buyers tend to respond to other people’s opinions. As knowledge of your product spreads, people will post comments and reviews. Make sure you keep track of the buzz surrounding your business, start up conversations with your customers, and incorporate their good reviews into your site so others can see what’s being said.

Build an Email List

Email marketing is a great tool for keeping in touch with your customers. Let people sign up on your website to receive coupons, sales, and other news and specials. This keeps your old customers coming back by reminding them that they already enjoyed your product and could benefit from buying more.

Give Out Coupon Codes

You can easily distribute coupons through your website, either directly on the page or through email marketing. Coupons are a tried and true method for both bringing in new customers and bringing previous customers back for more.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising by making connections with other related businesses or interested people. You reward your affiliates for each visitor or customer they bring in through their marketing efforts. Similarly, you could be rewarded for directing people to them. Affiliate marketing is an amazing channel for increasing sales among online retailers, and can help you make new connections constantly.

Target Different Countries and Languages

Depending on your business, spreading your target audience to include people who live in different geographical regions and/or speak a different language can help take your business to the next level. You can start simply by offering translations of your website to one or two other languages. If you can’t translate it yourself, hire someone else to do it. This quick and simple addition to your website can open the door to so many more possible customers!

We hope some of these tips are helpful to you while you figure out how to best use your website to bring in more sales. And if you need help with the SEO, mobile responsiveness, web design, or even creating a whole new site, Virtual Market Advantage is here for you. We love helping our customers design and optimize their sites, so contact us today!